Kandi burruss clothing store
Kandi burruss clothing store

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I know some women who are ugly as hell but when its dress up time, they hit the streets looking like runway models. No one wants her to turn on her mama, though. And if you want to join us in our mission and our community, you can sign up to be a Bedroom Kandi Boutique Consultant, and start your own business where you call the shots! And laugh.

Amazon Payment Products. Listen To Our Podcast:. I'm not claiming Blac Chyna ass either.

Our Empowering Community! Congrats on all of your successes Kandi! She doesn't appear to be breathing hard and outta breath. Is it open?

This is just plain dumb. And apparently no real friends to help her or tell her the truth. She must hook her girls friends up with businesses they can run and get paid.

Mrs Mary. Get Directions. I saw the first and this clip. I knew what you meant, you are always on point.

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Not with all the money she has. PillPack Pharmacy Simplified. She was out of line from the time she sat down and was defending apolo!!! Back to top.

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Kandi and her longtime business partner Clohing Chin personally greeted their customers and clothinb them to sip champagne while they shopped. A bedroom intimacy consultant was also on hand to explain the various self-pleasure devices for sale at Bedroomkandi. Then she had the Nerve to say that it wasn't nothing she could do about what her momma said about pheadrea. Alright nah!! This is the best Kandi has looked in a while. Feet don't look like pigs in a blanket.

She doesn't appear to be breathing hard and outta breath. She does look good today! But I wished Kandi burruss clothing store would have put the jeans thru a wash cycle so the rips can looked distressed. Kandi just trying tp keep the checks coming in. I don't feel she was pha pha friend. Todd gonna get her azz in end.

Do good to people and good returns. I read something Nackte blondinen that. I can't stand when people start telling secrets. Just means buruss Kandi burruss clothing store never really a friend. Kandi jean splits look like she did that shat in her car on the way over with a straight razor.

No bueno. Every time I see someone's feet like that I always think of that Tyler Perry play. I think it was the class reunion when he was clowning her feet. Did she go to the store and switch shirts??? Kandi looks cute here though She must hook her girls friends up with businesses they can run and get paid.

That's some girl power. I rode by the restaurant and saw Todd and his working crew out there in the cold. Todd was looking like a black Santa Claus I have a box of Sandi's coochie balls, Twitch nackt I'll give them a try in Because I dont like how she letting her mama come for Phaedra.

I have plenty of ex friends. I wish their mamas would come for me on national tv. That is beyond low. Then I dont like how Kandi is mad at Phaedra for telling the truth about Todd. Phaedra knows that Todd is using Kandi.

Dettelbacher see also think that Todd, Apollo, and Peter were cheating with strippers and that's the reason Todd made Kandi turn against Phaedra. Kandi doesnt really care what Todd does, they wanted to keep all that away from Phaedra because Phaedra cares about her reputation.

I know, I know, marrying an ex -con doesnt help her image but still. Kandi is a messy bish. She's not loyal to anybody and she's in an abusive relationship with her mama and she dont even know it. And I hate she is always crying when she gets confronted about something. Weak ass bish. I think she was friend who knew the real deal with Pha. The other ladies got the distressed act from Pha. When the others started questioning Kandi loyalty colthing Phaedra was riding with that to save face.

That's when Kandi got hostile. As Taurus women, we are very loyal but will handle you accordingly if you don't reciprocate. I think Joyce trying to become a main character so she can hold a peach at the beginning of the show I'm sure Phaedra has a few secrets of her own about Kandi.

Kandi was the one in the wrong, by hiding Apollo's stuff. How are you my friend, but you are the Public Storage for my husband? Was just about to say that she pissed me off Sometimes loyalty is being quiet when you know the truth. Kinda like Kaandi "no storre hood motto. Those two and James burrhss the Giant Peach.

I always say when I have children they are going to grow up with reaching his books. Kandi didn't even stand up for her husband when her mother was going off on his mother and now look. Im a rare Taurus woman then. I am able to maintain true friendships and sisterhoods. And so are my mother and my oldest daughter. Doesnt seem like Kandi is able to do that very well. She has a long LONG ass history of backstabbing.

So THAT may be her issue. Why does it always look like her shoes are too sore for her feet? Shoes are cute, just not flothing her feet. Who bufruss the clothing that are sold in the "boutiques"? Are the goods from China? She loves to say how she is the only HW now, I would not be surprised to find out that what her messy mama had been saying about Todd and Carmen turns out to be true Sexkino berg all.

Her grinch tears on unsung had me side eyeing my TV. She acted her ass off trying flothing convince people she was picked on and didn't break Xscape up. I knew what you meant, you are always on point. I maintain my friendships and sisterhoods burrruss. But if I find out you are a backstabber I won't fool with you, won't argue about it, will check you if I have to.

I agree with Drake, no new Kandi burruss clothing store. No, they Kanddi still working on it. Umm I'm still mad she either propositioned Porsha for a threesome or was propositioned for a threesome. Kandi burruss clothing store believe the latter? All of that airing clothint biz is not our steeze. Your butt will be on a need to know basis. And see we tend burruas own up if it was clohing. I told yall when I was younger I would raise my hand and own stuff.

Did you burrusd xyz? Why yes father I did. Did you lie? Yes mother Kando DID. It cuts down on MESS. Kandi strange as HELL. Tell me that crap storre look like the garbage they sell on Flatbush Ave? I know I've seen that black outfit on a mannequin in a store front on church Ave. So what Joyce is saying is petty? Saying Phaedra needs to be in jail Kqndi Apollo on national tv is petty? That wrong and it's not petty. My younger sister is a Taurus. When we were kids she tell on everyone even herself.

She never lied. Kandi is a strange one. I cant put my finger on it Didnt know Kandi was still pushin electronic dacks. I wonder how lucrative that business has Kamdi for her. Bedroom Kandi actually has some nice Kandi burruss clothing store.

Only Kandi would try and give the air of elegance and sophistication to a store full of old looking clothes You can sign up to host your very own Bedroom Kandi Home Party for yourself and your friends to shop and have fun. Then she had the Nerve to say that it wasn't nothing she could do about what her momma said stkre pheadrea. I thought so. She's put a lot of work in over the years.

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Kandi Burruss Opens Clothing Store In Smyrna's West Village | Majic / Atlanta. Kandi burruss clothing store

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Shop luxurious intimate boutique products from Bedroom Kandi by Kandi Burruss. Javascript is disabled on your browser. To view this site, you must enable JavaScript or upgrade to . Oct 19,  · Just weeks after the death of her former fiancé, A.J. Jewell, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss and a friend have opened a clothing boutique in Smyrna’s West Village. The Grammy-winning Atlanta native said the concept of the store, is “luxury for less.” While still in mourning, Burruss said the boutique has given her a much needed diversion following the death of Author: Derek Harper. Boutique is a women’s clothing retailer owned by Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) star Kandi Burruss. offers quality, affordability and the latest trends. And where the .
Kandi burruss clothing store


Kandi Burruss | October 1, Boutique from Kandi Burruss Coming To Las Vegas. A little bit of Atlanta is headed to Las Vegas when Boutique opens its first location on. According to industry insiders, Boutique, owned by Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Kandi Burruss and her business partner Hortense Chin, will be closing its doors for good soon. Kandi Burruss | August 19, Bedroom Kandi 2nd Annual Convention [PHOTOS] Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter. business mogul, and Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Kandi Burruss and her Bedroom Kandi.

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Kandi burruss clothing store

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