Business Tools I Use

During the process of building multiple online businesses, I've come across several products that can save time and make your life a little easier as you try to create your own online business.

If you click the links and purchase these products, I get paid a commission. Thank you!

Internal Linking

  • Link Whisper – I created Link Whisper to solve my own need. Internal linking greatly impacts your site, but it takes forever and can be hard to do well. Link Whisper uses AI to check your content and then suggests relevant internal links in seconds. This makes the process of internal linking fast and easy for your site. Get Link Whisper: Internal Link Building Tool.

Content Providers

Training Courses

Amazon Affiliate Product Comparison Tables

Web Hosting

  • Iridium Hosting – One of the essential tools that you need to run your own website is a hosting service. And with Iridium Hosting, you get premium WordPress hosting on some of the fastest servers on the market to perfect your web vitals. They also offer site management for all of your needs and customer service that's second to none.
  • BigScoots – My favorite pick if you're running a site that needs some serious power. Their managed WordPress hosting is fast, reliable, and easy to use. Their customer support is second to none and when compared to other hosting companies, BigScoots is my overall favorite.

Buying and Selling Websites

  •  Jon Gillham, Kelley Van Boxmeer, and I are the co-founders of Motion Invest.  We wanted to fill the gap of a place where you can buy small content sites (making $50 to $2,000) a month…that are well vetted.  In fact, we buy sites we believe in and then sell them through Motion Invest.  If you are looking to either buy or sell a smaller content site, please check out Motion Invest right here.

Keyword Research Tools

  • SEMRush – Although this is not strictly a keyword research tool, it can help you cherry pick the good keywords that your competitors are ranking for.  I use SEMRush for all kinds of competitor analysis, excellent tool.  I have an in-depth review on how to use SEMRush here.
  • Keyword Finder – This little tool does a great job of providing very accurate keyword scores. It also includes a site analyzer so you can check your competitors' backlinks, has a SERP watcher, and some other features. It's my favorite pick if you're looking for a full SEO suite of tools. You can read my review or try it for free.

Link Building

WordPress Plugins

  • Elementor  – Elementor can be used to make buttons, showcase boxes, throw in videos, set page and post templates, and works as a niche site builder's dream. It has a free version that is crazy powerful and you can upgrade to Pro for the theme editor. You can get the free version with a page builder for free or you can read Brady's Elementor review here (my employee).
  • Thrive Themes and Architect – I use Thrive Architect to make great looking buttons, ratings and review graphic, and more. But Thrive also allows you to build landing pages, sales pages, use countdown timers and more… without coding experience. You can buy plugins individually or in a membership that includes everything an internet marketer needs.
  • Thrive Leads – See How Increase Daily Email Subscribers by 246% with This Creative Strategy using Thrive Leads.
  • AmaLinks Pro  – This plugin helps you make tables, showcase boxes, text links, and inserts pictures from Amazon. It is completely compliant (so you don't risk getting banned) and very easy to use. I use AmaLinks Pro in my Niche Site 4 project.
  • AAWP  – I've used Amazon Associates for WordPress for years and still use them in my Niche Site 4. Their plugin makes it easy and fast to feature products on Amazon in your posts. Plus, they use the API so they are compliant. They are the option I recommend for an Amazon affiliate site on a budget.

WordPress Themes and Web Design

  • GeneratePress – GeneratePress is a lightweight theme that moves lightning fast. You have a lot of customization options in the theme (more so with pro) and it's responsive. It has a free version if you want to try it out. I use GeneratePress on Niche Site 4 and have an extensive review.
  • Fhoke – I recently had my site completely redesigned and coded from the ground up. The results are what you see today.  I'm very happy with the creativity and great work the team at Fhoke has done, and I recommend them if you are looking for a professional-looking website.
  • Thrive Themes – Although Thrive is not 100% custom, they are great-looking themes. And if you like using a visual editor, then Thrive is a great option.
  • Elementor – This tool has gotten more and more powerful as time goes on. I used to be a big fan of Thrive Themes (and I still am), but I think Elementor is a little bit more powerful nowadays. It has a full page builder plus theme editor, and Elementor Pro is reasonably priced. But they also have a free page builder you can try here.
  • Astra – Astra is another theme that keeps your website fast. It doesn't bog down visitors, comes with tons of customization options, and works great with Elementor. Click here to get it for free.

Tools for Amazon Sellers

  • Jungle Scout – If you are hoping to sell physical products on Amazon, I highly recommend that you try Jungle Scout. I use this tool all the time (and have a big review on it) to analyze competition, see potential earnings for product ideas, and much more.
  • Salesbacker – This software application allows you to automatically email your customers when they buy a product on Amazon. I use this tool for all the products I sell on Amazon to help with branding and make it easy for customers to leave a review. This tool helped me make $4400 in my first 30 days of using Amazon FBA. You can get a 60 day free trial here or check out our full Salesbacker review to find out more.
  • Jump Send – This tool allows you to quickly promote your product at a discount. If you an Amazon seller, then you know how important sales velocity is to ranking well in Amazon.  This tool makes managing discounts to large groups of people very easy (and it finds the people to buy at a discount as well).
  • Helium10 – Helium10 helps you to find winning ideas for products to sell using Amazon FBA. I used it to help me sell my FBA business for mid-six figures and have a review on it.

T-shirts and Merch by Amazon

Email Marketing

  • ConvertKit – I switched over from a couple of different email marketing tools to ConvertKit.  I love how easy ConvertKit is to use, yet still has all the powerful features that you need.  If you are just getting started building an email list, or if you have nearly 100,000 email subscribers, I highly recommend you check out ConvertKit here or take a look at the review I put up a while back.
  • SendinBlue – SendinBlue is my favorite pick if you're on too much of a budget to use ConvertKit. SendinBlue has a free plan but also has the necessary tools to scale up once you start bringing in the dollars with your niche business. You can check out a comparison of two free tools here (SendinBlue vs Mailchimp) or try SendinBlue for free.

Graphic Design

  • Design Pickle  – It's time consuming and expensive to hire a graphic designer for every little design project. Design Pickle is a one-stop design solution where you pay an affordable monthly rate for an “unlimited” number of projects (realistically, two to three per day). If you need good designs but aren't ready to pay a dedicated designer, Design Pickle is a great choice. See our full Design Pickle review or give it a try here.
  • Canva – Do you want to be able to create simple graphics and designs without having to wait on a designer to do it for you? Canva is the easiest design software I've ever used – and it's totally free! Learn more in this in-depth Canva review or go sign up for Canva to get started.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud – A full subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud isn't cheap, but it's still an incredible value for anyone who needs professional quality creative work. From layout and photo editing to vector graphics and video, Adobe CC includes every software tool you need to make high quality visual content for your website, email campaigns, videos, and social media. Learn more about Adobe CC here!


  • is a landing page builder, email marketing tool, online course builder, affiliate management, and so much more.  If you are looking for an easy to use tool that is extremely powerful at growing your online business, check out out here.


To Be Continued…

As time goes on, I'm sure I will add to this list of products that I use.  However, these are the tools that I use most often in my day to day business right now.